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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Jan. 17 – Jan. 21

Identifying rhythm patterns with partners during our music lesson!

Measuring perimeter during Math!

Lorien and Declan made their own cube to help them discover how to measure the volume of their classroom in cubic yards!


During Yoga with Miss Amber, each child was given a card with a yoga pose and poem on it. Ask your Trailblazer which pose they were given!

Experiment Time!

Making observations during our experiment. We explored how melting ice contributes to sea level rise!


The Trail Blazers’ Europe projects are coming along. They even got to travel to a special destination in Europe…with the help of Virtual Reality goggles!


Thursdays indoor recess consisted of coding, playing games, finishing a book/giving it a huge thumbs up, and yo yo tricks!

Busy Friday!

Busy Friday filled with a group finding the relative volume of boxes with sand, a group using power polygons to build right angles, Europe-themed projects and finished yarn paintings along with cursive practice, and dictionary exploration.
Trailblazers have been setting their own daily project goals and estimating how much time they will take. Time management, elapsed time, and task-focus has been at the top of our list this week!
Oh, and we started to explore our next continent today: Antarctica!

Have a great weekend!

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