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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Mar. 14 – Mar. 18

Pi Day Activities!

Trailblazers completed a “Measuring Circles” activity where they found the circumference of a variety of circles and divided it by the diameter to see how close to 3.14 they could get. We also learned how to average our results to find the mean. In word study, students chose a goal for themselves to focus on spelling, cursive, or sophisticated words. They used a compass to draw circles and then practiced the words by following the circle shapes. Finally, we learned about pointillism and made some circle-related art.

Congrats to our Pi reciters: E.J. listed 5 digits of pi, Declan 10, Amora 13, Lorien 18, Wyat 19, Livia 29, and Lilah 54!!! Great work, Trailblazers!

Happy Pi Day!

World Explorers Circle Celebration with measurement and an art project for Pi Day!

Everybody building for the Fluor Paper Ball Run Challenge 2022!

Trail Blazers playing Close to 1,000 and Close to 7,500 in Math!

Paper Ball Challenge Update: teamwork makes the dream work!

Reviewing some geography with countries in Europe and South America!

Wyat preparing a chess board for the upcoming art auction in early May!

Happy Birthday to Camira!

Have an amazing Spring Break!

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