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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! May 16 – May 20

Preparing auction items to be sent home! Thank you again for your support!

The World Explorers enjoyed independent reading outside!

We are so proud of our Spectrum band! Thank you for sharing your hard work during the concert this week! Sue Puetz rocks!

Exploring the “fifty nifty” United States of America during our geography scavenger hunt!

Be Brave Day!

Be Brave Day inspired us to research heraldry and Coat of Arms to create our own Bravery badges in art, the perfect connection to symbolism we have been discussing during our poetry unit. Students will write descriptions of the symbols and colors that represent bravery for them.

Investigating Bernoulli’s principle with wind bags!

The World Explorers got to help plant veggies and flowers in the school garden!

Trail Blazers working on our flight learning framework!

World Explorers investigating Newton’s third law of motion by building and launching foam rockets!

A visit to the Photo Booth among other things during our Jumanji-themed Fun Run!


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