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Intermediate Elementary Highlights! Nov. 7 – Nov. 11

Beginning Band!

Beginning Band members Daliyah and Asher make a wonderful music team and had a good band lesson on Thursday. They got three songs crossed off. They have only been playing since October and all of a sudden, things are starting to come together: fingerings, reading the notes, rhythm and producing a sound. Way to go Daliyah and Asher!

Writing thank you cards to our veterans!


Tuesday was STEM Day! Intermediate created marshmallow catapults and they were flying all over the room! They did a great job following directions and then modifying their catapults to make them even better. We have a lot of students with futures in STEM careers, I have no doubt!

This Week in Intermediate!

We had a busy week! The students cast their votes: are cookies or chips the king (Spoiler: it was chips by a landslide!), had a discussion about politics and civility, made a lot of creative art, collected rocks and started exploring them, and enjoyed a book during a mini read-aloud.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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