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Introducing: The Intermediate Recy-Cool Kids! Sept. 30 – Oct. 3

Read below and let us know if you can help!

  1. We are looking for drivers and permission slips for our trip this Monday to Rockford University: We will leave Spectrum at 8:40 and our PE lesson will begin at 9:00 in the gymnasium at the Seaver Center on the Rockford University campus. At 9:30 our class will be finished and we will come back to school. In the past our drivers have stayed to observe the class. Please check with Heather Kulpa make sure that the office has your current insurance information on file.
  2. We have an opportunity to work with the staff from the Angelic Organics Learning Center on Wednesday, October 9th. Our class will learn about harvesting and tasting food from the Spectrum garden, and how to prepare the garden for winter. We are looking for volunteers to provide extra hands with the work stations. These sessions are scheduled from 9:15-noon and 12:30-2:45. If you are not available, here are some other ways to help: Donate – 4 bags of mushroom compost, or Borrow – 4 bread pans for our baking project

Thank you ALL!

The birthday committee organized a fun event for our September birthdays!

Ecobricks Progress!

Washing and drying this week’s collection of non-biodegradable trash to go into ecobricks. Thank you for bringing in water bottles and grocery bags. We are at capacity for now and can’t store anymore until we get more ecobricks made.

Investigating soil and recording our observations for a science experiment on soil testing and chemistry!

Writing to our Japanese pen pals with Keiko!

This mini lesson is on how to read a graphic novel!

Our students made homemade harmonicas in Music class!

…for the video, you’ll want the volume ON, but VERY LOW, trust me!

Some of our Zentangle pumpkin masterpieces!

These Intermediate band members put the 'COOL' in Recy-COOL Kids!

Beginning band practice with Sue Puetz!

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