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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Oct. 18 – Oct. 22

Practicing paper organization and writing informational beginnings using nonfiction mystery books!

Trailblazers printmaking African aardvarks with a past Spectrum grad, Laura!

Making new Math connections together!

Movement Break Surprises!

We needed a movement break on Wednesday and did a short hike with the intention of “finding something unexpected.” We certainly found it! 5 giant puffballs and an inquisitive Robin that let us get within a foot of it for about 30 seconds before flying off!

Trailblazers who finished latitude and longitude practice played Battleship to improve their coordinate graphing skills!

Organizing the events in our read aloud book!

Working on factors and order of operations during Math!

Trail Blazer Processfolio Homework!

We have been working on our digital processfolios. Some students have needed extra time, so I am asking that they work on it at home. They have all been trained to open it from Google Sites and have been reminded to use complete sentences and punctuation.

At this point, each student should have the First Trimester: Achievements, Strengths, and Goals finished with at least three sentences for each. We also wrote a reflection for Unit 1 on the Math page and will be learning how to add our independent reading books to the Literacy page.

Check in with your TrailBlazer to see if he or she is caught up with those three pages. The link to my sample page is to the right, which you may view by clicking on the image.

Beginning the design process of our Alexander Calder kinetic sculptures!

Monotint printmaking with Miss Jane and Miss Laura!

SO excited for Trunk-or-Treat!

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