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World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Sept. 20 – Sept. 24

Working on creating a Trailblazer class logo!

Busy morning making progress on our rainforest creatures!

Beginning Band!

Our first band lesson went great! We learned how to play 5 notes. Did you know that the clarinets have the most parts to put together? Lilah is going to be playing baritone, but today it was the trumpet. Her baritone is getting a tune-up. DaLyla and Livia are learning to play the clarinet and Anthony and Wyatt will be percussionists in the band. They will play snare drum, bells and many more rhythm instruments. Beginning Band will make their musical debut at the Band Halloween Concert on October 28!

Peace Day Art project!

Kelli led the Trailblazers through a wonderful art project today in observance of Peace Day!

Each student created a watercolor dove filled with words of peace. Ask your trailblazer about color harmonies and how it connects to the idea of peace.

Keiko taught the Trailblazers how to make dove origami, a symbol of peace on Peace Day. Arigatou, Keiko!

Working on Math strategies together; the power of partnership!

We discussed Fibonacci briefly and used some sunflower dissection to write scientific paragraphs!

Recess Photo Shoot - Trail Blazers!

Recess Photo Shoot - World Explorers!

Practicing “Home Row” with the Typing Club app!

Step Up!

The Trailblazers are performing a body percussion routine to the song, Step Up. I like the words: “Step up. Step up. Step up and show your style! Step up, step up, step up and show your smile!” The Trailblazers sure have a unique style of their own!

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