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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

World Explorers’ & Trail Blazers’ Journal! Sept. 27 – Oct. 1

Giraffe Cards!

Using the Giraffe Cards app to practice multiplication facts. The cheer at the end is because they beat the goal of 30 seconds! Please have students practice multiplication facts 5-10 minutes a night in some way for homework.

The beginning of our Bromeliad experiment!

Continent Projects!

The Trail Blazers worked very hard on their Continent projects all week! They completed their projects, presented them to the World Explorers, which consisted of sharing two videos, a book, two salt and flour maps, and two different 3D models.

After that, they reflected on their work, and practiced metacognition!

Movement activities!

Clothespin Tag for the Trailblazers’ movement activity on Wednesday. Yoga followed, outside on mats. We were working on core strength and balance. We had a very focused start to Math after that!

Because of the Rabbit!

Trailblazers writing rough draft scripts with a partner to create FlipGrid book reviews for our read aloud, Because of the Rabbit!

Hello, Sun!

Following the path of the sun Thursday morning. We had perfect conditions to make observations after finishing our sundial construction!

Making progress with our Kapok tree from the Amazon rainforest!

Independent reading and reading aloud with a buddy!

Solfege with Miss Sue!

The World Explorers are learning to sing using Solfege, specific syllables added to a melodic pattern. We are learning Solfege hand signals as well. The students are learning to notate melodic patterns using bottle caps and a music staff. Ask your child to sing Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone!

Let's have a fun October!

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