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Letter from the Principal: Apr. 17, 2020

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends, 

I hope this greeting finds you all well. I gave myself a little break, and had a blast building what turned out to be a snow dog with my granddaughters this morning. 

I have tried to at least log in to all the learning sessions going on and keep up with Google Classroom and Facebook posts, but frankly so much is going on that by the end of this fourth week, I haven’t been able to keep up. It is a LOT! 

I do love seeing and hearing from the children via this live streaming technology. They are learning to listen to each other differently. I also get quite verklempt with gratitude during our Zoom staff meetings. I know I say it often…we have an amazing and dedicated team of teachers and support staff.  

Congratulations to our Middle School students who not only have kept publishing their weekly class newspaper throughout this separation time (which many professional papers are not even doing), they are continuing their community podcasts. Today they are interviewing Mayor Tom McNamara. Thank you DJ Double T and teacher Aubrey Barnett for making these learning and connecting opportunities possible despite the obvious obstacles and challenges. You do me and Spectrum proud. 

I plan to host Zoom sessions for parents (by Level) to be able to talk and connect with each other about how it is going, to share successes and struggles. My thought is to do this after dinner/bedtime, so it can be a little quieter for all of us. 

I welcome your input on this! No RSVP is required, and if it is just “one more thing” please don’t feel obligated. Also, if it is helpful and some parents are valuing this connection and support, I will continue to host. I can adjust times for your convenience. Times with links are as follows: 

Be well. Stay well. 

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat 

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