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Letter from the Principal: Jan. 10, 2020

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends, 

As you can see from the events and notes, we are in full swing. Teachers are planning Interest Groups and they look to be very compelling. These kids are so lucky! Don’t you wish you could do school over at Spectrum?!?!

We are planning a Career Day on February 19. I’ve invited alumni to come back and share, but we will need more volunteers. If any of you would consider presenting, or have a friend or family member who might enjoy sharing with children this way, please let me know. Presentations can be 20 minutes with questions to follow. Depending on the age of the audience, speakers might share a few times. If someone has an hour to give, it could enrich the children, build community, AND be a lot of fun!

January thru March is “prime-time” for schools. Teachers know the children well and what they need. Routines and procedures have gelled. There are fewer holiday distractions. Parents have confidence that great things are happening, and the weather is not continually luring children (and adults) to go outside and play. Well, at Spectrum, we do go outside and play a lot despite the weather, but you know what I mean. It is a season of extra productivity. Parents underestimate how much support is given just by getting your children to school every day and on time! The day goes better for the student, and there is not a continual sense of catch up. 

Please take advantage of the great communication coming from the teachers through the classroom Facebook groups. Come to the conferences on February 7 and the Interest Group showcase on February 13. Participate in the many events to build community: Ice Skating, Ice Hogs, Lunar New Year, Fun Fair, Literacy Night. We are working to foster not just a great school, but a highly involved, warm, and connected community. If you haven’t taken full advantage, I invite you to do so!


Dr. Mary Beth Cunat 

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