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Letter from the Principal: Jan. 21, 2022

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends,

Hello, again! It’s Calum, the Middle School news guy. This year, Middle Sschool has been putting a lot of focus on the community, and for January’s field trip, we are going to the Winnebago County Animal Shelter. We hope to drop off a lot of donations for them, so if you’d like to send in a donation, we’d really appreciate it. 

Here’s what the animal shelter has on their wishlist. For the dogs, they have requested soft or moist dog treats, peanut butter, Squeeze cheese, large & extra-large Kongs, and Nyla Bones. For the cats, they requested Pate Style canned cat food; cat toys (variety packs work best w/rattle, crinkle toys, and catnip mice); KMR – Kitten Replacement Milk; Kitten Dry Food; non-clumping litter; ceramic cat bowls; kitten nursing bottles; and litter boxes. On top of those they would accept fleece blankets, towels (old or new), bleach, and liquid laundry detergent. They would also appreciate dollar donations if you can’t get around to getting the other things. The period where you can drop your things off will be Monday, 01/24 – Thursday, 01/27, all of next week. 

Thank you for reading, and you might hear from me again soon, if there’s any more news.

Calum Scroggins

Middle School News Guy 

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