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Letter from the Principal: January 27, 2023

Dear Spectrum Family and Friends,

This week, many schools across the country celebrated National School Choice Week. There is still a big part of me dedicated to public education – I spent the majority of my career living and leading in that space – but I retired from there in order to come to Spectrum to do something different. 

What if WE…

  • Make school what we wanted for our children- something that is really focused on teaching them to learn and finding joy in learning, keeping curiosity and imagination alive? 
  • Provide a place that fosters connection, community, and collaboration? 
  • Took down the barriers of age and compliance and allowed children to develop at their own pace and pursue their passions, no matter how young?
  • Let go of thinking of learning as a bunch of isolated subjects and skills and approach it for the engaging, messy, spiraling, and interconnected process it actually is? 
  • Taught children how to manage their “required” tasks and learning loads in a way that nurtured ownership of work, time management, working with others, and quality work product? 
  • Fostered a sense of self-management, self-care, care for others, care for the environment, and care for the world?

This is why some parents (and progressive nuns) established Spectrum over fifty years ago. The school has maintained its commitment to this mission, and as a not-for-profit, independent school has kept on the edge of instructional innovation throughout the last five decades. 

You are choosing into this sweet little school, and we deeply appreciate your participation and support. 

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat
Principal – Spectrum Progressive School of Rockford
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