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Letter from the Principal: June 2, 2023

Dear Spectrum Family and Friends,

For those who are new to Spectrum, WELCOME! We look forward to getting to know your children and you! Please take full advantage of the opportunities to come and get connected this summer. 

For those returning, please note all the ways we want to stay connected with you and your children throughout the summer. 

Every year, the teachers and staff determine an annual theme. For 2023-24 our theme is RE-CONNECT! Once the theme was determined, the brainstorming fun began. Here are a few highlights that will center and enrich curriculum and units of inquiry in the coming school year: This is only a fraction of the lists, but I thought it would give you a good idea of the direction we are heading with our theme. 

Multiple Learning Pathways (formerly referred to as multiple intelligences)

  • Logical-Mathematical: Measurement – connecting the lines, connecting dimensions with numeric values. 
  • Verbal Linguistic: Letter writing, reconnecting to far away family, and reconnect with our public libraries.
  • Auditory/Musical: Music and nature (Debussy Ravel, Claire De Lune), folk songs that connect generations, and making instruments out of nature.
  • Visual Arts/Spatial: String art, textiles, calligraphy,  needlepoint, and sewing.
  • Kinesthetic/Movement: Mind to body, Yoga, and cultural dances. 
  • Scientific: Rube Goldberg connections, rivers, and bridges.
  • Naturalistic: Reconnect with the land and water around us, Severson Dells, etc.
  • Intrapersonal: With ourselves, feelings, and mental health.
  • Interpersonal: Families and special friends (events to connect like Pastries with Parents).
  • Existential/Metaphorical: Reconnecting after isolation (Covid), your authentic self, disconnect to reconnect (technology), etc.
  • Historical: Reconnect with the history of Rockford (Tinker, Midway, Belvidere History Museum, and other community museums, resources, and places).
  • Humor: Joke telling – family favorite jokes.

Feel free to email me with your ideas and insights to add to our lists!

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

Principal – Spectrum Progressive School of Rockford 

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