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Letter from the Principal: Mar. 8, 2019

Dear Spectrum Family and Friends,

As I was looking at our Peace Pole, I was remembering my earlier years as a school administrator and trying to create some social capital for International Peace Day and a school Peace Pole. We made some headway participating with the lovely Peace School in Chicago, but I never did get a Peace Pole.

But here one is at Spectrum.

This story happens to me again and again. Things I was trying to make happen on behalf of children, sometimes through inspiration and sometimes through gritted teeth, have happened and have been happening at Spectrum all along.

There is so much going on! This week alone, we have had Angelic Organics here for our winter ecology excursions, older kids built a quinzhee, mask making in Drama, a beautiful songwriting residency (based on February’s Kindness Journals), Chinese Calligraphy, visitors from New Zealand, video chats with students in Shanghai, a student planning Pi Day, Candy Sushi, Mystery Mammals, tastes of France, geology, and robotics in Compass. Daily, our students are exploring the environment, world culture, mathematics, music, etc. I am so proud and excited about what is happening at Spectrum!

Please plan to come to Literacy Night and the Scholastic Book Fair on March 20 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Nearly every day I hear of another wonderful and exciting literacy station that will occur during this family event. Thank you Jacque, Judy, Julie (the J-Team) for the planning and coordination of this truly spectacular evening.

Also, please keep the the evening of April 17 open for our Interest Group and Fine Arts Showcase; the date was changed last week. It will be a wonderful evening of students sharing their learning, curiosity, and creativity.

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

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