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Letter from the Principal: May 25, 2022

Spectrum Families and Friends, 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe summer vacation. I would also like to give some special appreciation to several amazing people who gave themselves as volunteers and extra support throughout this school year. We could not have done it without them. 

  • The Spectrum School Board – especially Carole Carbone and Andrew Mertzenich, both who lent extra  support at school, in evenings, and on weekends – basically whenever asked and needed 
  • The Spectrum Education Committee, especially chair and oft time substitute teacher and early childhood consultant Claire Rotolo, observations and support from Mary Jean Voigt, and Dr. Alan Robinson for his energetic and visionary insights as Board and Ed Committee member. Alan plugged in everywhere and is a new true friend to our school.  
  • Classroom Volunteers Casey Pilcher, Dianne Larson, Jocelyn Shutkas, Elizabeth Tarara, Chris Sisson 
  • Fun Run Volunteers: Virginia Lopez, Sarah and Chris Alesandrini, Aunt Barb, Pepper Reichert, Jessica Morris, Alan Robinson, Megan Granados, Angelica Davila, Jennifer and William Gannon, Bridget Jennison, Mary Baldauf, Greg Wennerdahl, Kerry Ferris, Elizabeth Tarara, Shannon Jones, Sue Puetz, Miguel Granados, and all the unidentified help who cleaned up in the rain while we were inside
  • Pinch hitting substitutes Corina Williams-Wade, Susan Sunday, and Doug Eid
  • Interest Group Volunteers: The Rauh family who lent their home for cooking, Alan Robinson-Book Making, and Nic Cordero -Sports 
  • Jace Moser, MS student, who became my tech cart hero these last two months. 
  • Field Trip Drivers and Chaperones: Nina Kelly (Camira’s grandma), Vince Adamson (Peregrine’s grandad), Megan Granados, Carina Williams-Wade, Rich Discianno, Pam Kinley (Stella’s grandma), Alan Robinson, Kari Hearns, Ryan Davis, Tomara Mierow, Bob Mierow, Shannon Jones, Mike Oliver, Joy Oliver, Diane Russell, Kelsey Russell, Heather Kulpa, Paige Rauh, Chris Sisson, Julie Eshleman, Alyssa Normand, Elizabeth Tarara, Heather Johnson, Avra Robinson
  • Clean Up Day: Joy Oliver, Shar Bruce, the entire Granados family, Aubrey Barnett
  • Our many community partners and generous funders: Kjellstrom Foundation, Learning One to One Foundation, Rockford University, Anderson Gardens, Discovery Center, Burpee Museum, Severson Dells, Carl Cole, and Rockford Public Schools (Title funds)
  • Melissa Prete, still lending Spectrum help despite life’s new demands and losses, and even starting a summer program
  • Kathy Hopkins, for coming out of retirement to give us a year of Middle School – her supportive relationship with students, her tireless efforts to provide quality learning experiences, her passion for English Language Arts, her commitment to Spectrum. We are planning her being with us ad hoc next year to integrate drama and musical theater across the school through units and themes. 
  • Megan Granados who has made after school Compass wonderful with positive energy. planning, good relationships and outstanding execution, and has continued our school garden for the fourth summer in a row! 
  • Rickey Barnett, above and beyond media, photography, videography, website, and communications leadership and support 
  • Aly Vavra,  a right hand to my right hand, always helping at every turn and always going above and beyond.
  • Marci Hallgren, the best right hand for which a principal could hope
  • Aubrey Barnett, spending countless hours with me, sharing passion, thought partnership, and insight on what children really need and how a school community can provide it 

Finally,  I would like to bid a heartfelt thank you and well wishes to two of the most amazing teachers I have ever known – Sally Wonder on her retirement, and Kelli Greenfield on her transition to a school closer to home. Spectrum children are so very fortunate to have had this remarkable pair of educators. May we all give them a huge HURRAH

Mary Beth Cunat


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