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Letter from the Principal: Sept. 25, 2020

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends,


See me sing this on my Facebook page (sung to the tune of My Favorite Things):


Hand sanitizing and wiping down tables

Adjusting our masks so they fit on our nasals

Constant reminders stay six feet away

Cohorting to get through this new COVID way


Then there is…


Scooping up pea gravel, dissecting mushrooms

Hiking at recess and doing a few Zooms

Making cool spiders and swinging on swings

Climbing on trees is a new normal thing….


Getting our temperature taken at entry

Seeing our admin a new kind of sentry 

Wishing we could be with friends now apart

Virtually doing our music and art….


Looking for insects and lugging outdoor bins

Using our hundreds chart and Reading Horizons

Listening to stories and writing our names

Circles and singing and lots of new games….


When I’m overwhelmed

When I am  pooped

When I’m feeling sad

I see what is happening here at Spectrum School

And it makes my heart so glad.


Look at the excerpts from our  Facebook Groups. You will be amazed.


Dr. Mary Beth Cunat


Spectrum School  

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