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Middle School Memoirs: Apr.8 – Apr.12

Wayfinding Day

On Monday we had a Wayfinding Day. Students looked at constellations, created graphs of our Prairie, found spots in the woods by cardinal directions, and wrote poems for poetry week about the nature around them.

Earth Day Prep

Middle school students executing a head start for upcoming Earth day by picking up trash in the woods right around school. We must all do our part everyday if we want to make the world better and sometimes that means getting down in the trenches.


Hamilton rap as a fun side activity while graduates study the Bill of Rights. Our three best rappers put their skills to the test. They didn’t want me to film, but it’s these sweet moments of risk we have to capture.

International Culture Team

Ms. Sabine led a group lesson on East Germany and the Berlin Wall, something she personally lived in/thru. We also watched the short film Bao and made steamed buns with Ms. Maggie. So fun, just another day at Spectrum!

Socratic Circle & Poem

Today we did a Socratic circle with Upper and the poem If by Kipling. Below is our classes 21st century version:

If the world beats you down which it will
It will hurt so very much but it won’t kill.

If you feel like the world has stopped and now it’s still
You can still be happy and that you will.

Life can be hard and it can also be hell
But keeping your life will treat you well.

If and when you fall down, don’t weep and or cry
Pick yourself back up, show you can do it

If you can’t figure out where you belong 
Take some time, find your path, and follow it

If you need to talk to somebody, reach out
You will never regret talking to them

If you can set boundaries without feeling bad
Then you can have some power in your hands

If you can be independent and content
Then you can mature and grow and not look back

If you can take judgement that is rude and cruel
then you can have confidence and be cool

If people don’t like you 
Oh well, you’re a great person.

If love can be such a beautiful, ethereal, feeling
Could it be worth the pain of falling apart?

If waiting for something new gives a sense of security
Would you risk getting up for uncertainty

If chimes, loud and calling for you to answer
Say no, yet never leave a friend alone

If you are here, on our earth, 
Stay away from the 21-century world

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