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Middle School Memoirs: Dec.3 – Dec.7

Hello, December!

Personal Projects success stories

Here, we have 2 students sharing their personal project success stories. Annika will get to watch a veterinarian complete a surgery and Tess has gotten a real manican from a beauty school in order to pursue her passion as a hair dresser!

Maker's Day!

We are having a maker’s day. Some students try to excavate a dinasour, some build simple machines to do experiments with, and others do 1,000 piece puzzle of Christmas Carol covers! After a week of studying post civil war reconstruction and the guided age it’s nice to take a break. We’ll look at finished products later today!


Our finished puzzle! 1,000 pieces in 1 day!

Holiday Store gift wrapping

Middle School helps little ones wrap their gifts from the school holiday store!

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