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Middle School Memoirs: Feb.4 – Feb.8

World War I

Starting our study of World War I with some games on alliances and a STEM mini project on chemical weapons like mustard gas.


There is a school-wide focus on KINDNESS this month. We have a jar with notes for times we notice acts of kindness, and some students brainstormed ideas for our kindness murals.

What makes us happy?

Working on our kindness journals again today by designing the covers with things that make us happy or define who we are. Plus an extra moment of Cole saying, “take my picture!”

Chemical Warfare Research Project

Working on a Nova online RNA lab as a deep dive in our STEM chemical warfare research project, understanding how RNA works. Here at Spectrum school we allow students to work in lots of different groupings including independently or in groups.

See you here next week for another rendition of the Middle School Memoirs!

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