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Middle School Memoirs: Oct.15 – Oct.19

…aaaaaaaaand we’re LIVE!

The Middle School level will begin their very own podcast series entitled, “Do you like the world?” in the coming weeks! It will be a 10-part series, covering 5 topics. The first topic will be “Spirituality.” The students are VERY excited about this…more details to come!

BIG news for Sophia!

Sophia received news today that she will begin work with Brickford retirement home, creating Life Song Baskets to help remind those who are aging who they are and what makes them special. We go for our first official meeting Friday. Yay Sophia, love this girl!

Diana’s Diligent Data!

Diana is hard at work as a sociologist organizing her data both in Google Sheets as well as putting our white board tables to great use. She’s surveying adults about society’s influence on girls clothing! Keep up the amazing work, YOU ROCK!

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