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Middle School Memoirs: Oct.29 – Nov.2

Environment, Culture, and Community

An amazingly fun field trip, a productive community-based class, and a few personal accomplishments highlighted this week for Middle School. Here’s this week-in-review!

Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Here are some fun collages of our times at Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch this past Monday! We rode the train, raced with pedal bikes, took silly pictures in the old west, jumped, went down the slide, and enjoyed some apple treats. A fun tradition with Upper Elementary that we hope to continue in the future. Lucky to have such great kids! Also, thanks to all the parents who drove and came along; you made this all possible!

Is 100% good? I think 100% is good.

Diana passed her CPR online test WITH A 100%!!! Although she’s not certified, she is well on her way to becoming capable of reacting to emergency situations with a calm and ready skill set. So proud of you, D!

Environmental Rhetoric @ Rockford U

“It was good knowing that other people actually care.”
“We got to learn more in subjects we were interested in.”
“I didn’t expect to get along with them, and they were all welcoming.”
“They seemed really interested in what we were doing.”
All things said by my middle school-ers about our second day of Environmental Rhetoric course at Rockford University.

Culture Jamming

Today we learned about culture jamming: an art-form/media that is aimed at elevating consumer awareness by highlighting the underbelly of many of the high dollar earners. Sophia applied this new understanding to create her own image. Up to interpretation, but she’s left ME thinking…and that’s good!

Hope you enjoyed this SPOOKY edition of the Middle School Memoirs!

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