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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Travelers’ Tales! Apr. 25 – Apr. 29


This week, we were exploring flowers. We graphed our favorite color flower, which was PINK in 1 class and RED in the other! We also read stories about flowers and trees and learned a new poem. We made window box flowers like the girl did for her mom in the story Flower Garden. The classmates did a good job using their scissors to create green grass!


Something we do at morning meeting is talk about the date and count up to the day it is. Yesterday all the classmates wanted to try and write the the number 27 which was yesterday’s date. They all were pretty proud of themselves!

Making garden creatures out of clay with Miss Susan!

Maddox had an idea!

Mixing baking soda and vinegar in a water bottle and adding a ballon at the top will blow the balloon 🎈 up! We tried it and it worked!

What did we observe? If we used more of both chemicals, the balloon got bigger.

What did we hear? A lot of sizzling.

What could we do different next time? Try a smaller balloon (water balloon)

Parts of a Flower!

Roots, stems, leaves, petals and seeds to build our flowers!

Music Fun with Sue!

We enjoyed playing the singing game, Mr. Troll, during Music class. This has always been a favorite music activity in the Pre and Early classes and is a tradition. If you ask middle schoolers and Spectrum graduates, they will reflect on Mr. Troll and how it was one of their favorite memories!

We'll see you in May!

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