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Travelers’ Tales! Jan. 10 – Jan. 14

Happy 5th birthday Maxwell!

Miss Amber!

On Monday, we met Miss. Amber and did movement, meditation and yoga with her. She had a bubble that wasn’t made with soap and water?!? When we got into the bubble it turned us into lions, astronauts and planets!

Drumming with Miss Sue!

Balance Beam!

We had to walk the balance beam and picked up a number without falling off! We then had to try and identify the number we picked. If we didn’t recognize that number we asked the classmates for help :).

Worktime Creations!

Rocket ships, magma tile houses, string cutting, baby wait service, and more during this week’s worktime!

Xavier and Holden putting our snowmen numbers in order 1-10!

Using all of our magnetic balls and sticks to measure one of our tables!

Happy 4th Birthday Xavier!

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