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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Travelers’ Tales! Jan. 24 – Jan. 28

Snowmen created by Johanna and Julian!

Question of the Day!

Tuesday’s question of the day:

Do we have more boys or girls in our classroom? Answer: Boys!

The Mitten!

On Tuesday, we read The Mitten by Jan Brett. In the story, animals find their way in a mitten to seek warmth and shelter. As we introduced the book’s characters, we got a chance to put them inside the mitten.
Did all the animals fit? The classmates also had to recall in order the animals that went into the mitten!

Cillian is investigating with magnets!

Can you find the other mitten to make a pair? What’s a pair?

Baby Goat?!

Thursday we had a visit from a Spectrum parent, Ben Faulkner, who brought in a baby goat! The goat is four days old and is a girl. We learned a girl baby goat is called a doeling. Thank you Mr. Ben!

Puzzles Galore!

Inspired by a poem about mittens, we colored and cut a paper mitten into puzzle pieces, then had to put it back together! We also loved using our lap tables for the first time!

Then, Major Mae, Serafina, and Xavier worked so hard to put together the new puzzle we got in our classroom!

Thank you Ellis, Henry, Linden, Cillian and Franklin for sharing your favorite book with us!

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