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Travelers’ Tales! Jan. 31 – Feb. 4

Kindness Basket!

This week, we introduced the kindness basket. If the classmates are doing an act of kindness, they get to put a heart in the basket! We will continue with this for the entire month. I wonder how many hearts will we get?

Some Travelers also read Strictly No Elephants and developed a kindness recipe! (bag of lucky charms went home)

The Travelers enjoyed their time outside on Tuesday!

Happy 5th birthday Johanna!

We talked about Groundhog Day and made predictions if he will see his shadow or not!

Hot & Cold Science Experiment!

We made a chemical reaction mixing three chemicals (sodium chloride , baking soda, and water!) Guess what happened?! One made the water fizzy and hot, and one made the other water cold!

The Things We Love!

Thank you Johanna for sharing your record player and album, Avery, your Unicorn and Max, your math cube that your brother lets you play with! It’s so fun to see the things you love!

Happy February!

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