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Preschool Highlights! May 1 – May 5

Avery's Creation!

Avery created a bird feeder swing with a handle to hang on a tree at her home. She measured the length of each string to be 6 fingers long and then figured out how to adjust them if they weren’t quite the same length. “The birds can eat on it and swing too!”


This week in Preschool, we are continuing to investigate insects. We read The Grouchy Lady Bug by Eric Carle and learned that ladybugs eat aphids. Ask your Preschooler if they know why it’s important that ladybugs eat aphids!

How many ladybugs can fit on one leaf?!

Music with Miss Sue!

Did You Know...

Ladybugs have the same number of spots on each wing. The classmates were each given one spot and had to figure out how to put them on the giant ladybug so they were equal on both sides.

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