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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Travelers’ Tales! May 2 – May 6


Buzzz! Bees are starting to appear! We have talked about the importance of bees and wasps to help plants and flowers grow. And how they even help farmers by eating bugs that harm plants. The classmates also learned to be quiet around bees and wasps. If you see one buzzing around just say hi! And quietly walk on by!

Building, reading, drawing, lots of teamwork happening on Wednesday!


We can hear sound, but can we see sound? On Thursday, we discovered that we can see sound!
We did an experiment with salt and coffee grounds and found that when you bang the back of a tin pan over the salt and coffee it makes the items move!

Miss Sue makes Music class so fun!

Free Choice Show-and-Tell this week featured Auggie, Maddox, Major, Eric, and Graham!

Happy Mothers' Day!

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