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Travelers’ Tales! Nov. 1 – Nov. 5

The Crow!

We read The Crow (A Not So Scary Story) by Alison Paul. See if your Traveler remembers what time of day the story occurs (morning)? Who did the boy think was outside his window? (a king, robber, wizard and pirate) What was outside his window? (a crow).

The Travelers' at the All-School Share!

On Wednesday, we celebrated Sigge’s 4th birthday!

Question of the Day!

Which candy is your favorite? We made a graph, and our classroom favorite is chocolate!

5 Little Leaves!

The Travelers worked so hard this week learning a new poem, “5 Little Leaves”, talked about what “dormancy” means to a tree, and gathered leaves to create their own tree!

Enjoy your three-day weekend!

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