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Preschool Highlights! Nov. 14 – Nov. 18

A busy Monday work time!

We read How to Catch a Turkey and used pipe cleaners and paint to make turkey prints!

Fun in the Snow!

Celebrating Zayden’s 4th birthday a few days early with yummy cupcakes!


Snowflakes fell during our recess! “Taste like strawberry flavor!

We talked about what “thankful” means, passed our bear around, and shared what we are thankful for! (some great videos of this on Facebook!)

Science Experiment!

What will happen if we pour heavy whipping cream and shake it vigorously in this jar? Will it change or stay the same?
Some of their answers were it will change to milk or yogurt. As we passed it around and took turns shaking it, we stopped halfway to see if there were any changes. Ellis noticed that the liquid changed into a solid. “We made butter” and got to taste it!

An imaginative Friday work time!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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