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Preschool Highlights! Oct. 17 – Oct. 21

Watercolor Mysteries!

Preschool did a name activity where students had to use watercolors to cover their paper and discover a mystery!

Making apple trees out of tubes, popsicle sticks, and pom-poms!

The Hiding Worm!

The classmates had to close their eyes, then when prompted, open them to see if they could guess what apple number the worm was hidden under. It was under #1!

Apple Science Experiment!

We did a Science experiment to see if an apple will sink or float in a bowl of water! Before we did the test, we had to guess what we thought would happen. We found out that the apple floats in water!

Cora and Mateo were accidentally twinning on Thursday!

Checking out our new liquid motion bubblers in the Science Center!

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