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Preschool Highlights! Oct. 31 – Nov. 4


On Tuesday, we read a book about acorns, You Are Like An Acorn, and discovered how many different kinds there are. We talked about how we are the same as acorns because we are growing!

Turkey Feather!

Earlier this week, Avery found a turkey feather in her yard. She brought it to school and liked to show how it twirled to the ground like a helicopter. This gave her the idea to make a helicopter and attach the feather to it to see if it would really work as a propeller!

Guessing how many spiders and ghosts are in the jar?!

Thank you Ellis for bringing in your huge collection of acorns!

Five Little Acorns!

We learned a new poem, Five Little Acorns! Ask your child what part did they play?!

Playtime with Miss Sue!

Miss Sue had a special time in Preschool on Wednesday! Jackson asked her to play trains with him, and Forrest noticed they were both wearing stripes! “I was honored and had fun!” – Miss Sue

So many joyful faces!

Bird Feeders!

Making bird feeders to hang up outside our windows. We will be making some great observations next week watching which types of birds our feeders attract.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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