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Recy-COOL Kids’ Chronicles! Oct. 21 – Oct. 25

A Sign Up Genius invitation was sent to each family in our classroom. Please look over the list of supplies for our Halloween party on October 31st and sign up if you would like to donate anything.

Please send your child’s costume in a labeled bag. We will begin changing after we come in from recess around 12:45pm. Trunk or Treat begins at 1:30pm in the upper parking lots. The class will return to our room for a snack and a few games. Dismissal will be at 3:00pm as usual. Thanks!

Rainy Day exploring at recess on Monday!

Mapping out Story Mountains from our reading text!

Slug hunting during recess Tuesday!

Plant Cells vs Animal Cells!

Comparing virtual cell models to complete a Venn diagram on the differences between plant cells and animal cells!

Research on how authors write endings to their stories during Writers' Workshop!

Small Array/Big Array!

Learning how to play small array/big array which teaches students about the distributive property of multiplication and helps strengthen algebraic reasoning!

Thanks for tuning in to this week's edition of the Recy-COOL Kids' Chronicles!

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