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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Travelers’ Tales! Aug. 30 – Sept. 3

First Day Work Time!

It doesn't get much better than Miss Sue's Music Class!

Our Travelers doing what comes natural: EXPLORING!

Reid created a game! The only rule: you can’t fall off!

Work Time Warriors!

Everybody was working so hard this week! The Travelers even have a boat mechanic and repairman if anyone is looking for repair work!

Marble Racers!

A lot of classmates wanted to build a marble race. Well, they figured out how they all could work together and look what they created!

The Travelers started their day with water colors!

What a first week!

The Travelers have had an amazing first week of school! We talked about our class name, Travelers, and what does that mean. Ask your child that question and see what they say:)
During story time Friday, we discussed how did the characters travel through the story, what did they do and where did they go?
Enjoy the Labor Day weekend and we’ll see everyone on Tuesday!

That was fun. Let's do it again next week!

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