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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Travelers’ Tales! Sept. 20 – Sept. 24

Exploring with bubbles!

Science experiment fun!

Mixing Vinegar & baking soda with hidden food coloring!
“What did you see? What noise do you hear when you mix these two chemicals? What will happen if we mix the colors!“ Some of us even drew a picture of our science experiment!

Today we created rules for the loft...nice work Travelers!

Avery built an amazing castle, Audrey helped me make a snowman & ice cream cones using play dough, and Henry taught me a new card game on Tuesday!

Pom Poms and clothespins sorting by colors and size!

On Thursday, we celebrated both Maddox & Major Mae’s birthday!

How many apples can you stack on top?!

Art for a new season! Happy Fall!

Some candid shots of the Travelers!

Friday Activities!

Play dough fun, working with tape, building castles for bugs, and building a family waiting for pizza!

Apple Tasting!

The Travelers have been talking about apples this week! Friday, we got to taste 3 different types of apples! Check out our chart! Which apple was the Travelers favorite?

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