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Wildthings’ Adventures: Dec.3 – Dec.7

Hello, December!

Wildthings’ Notes:

  • I’m so proud of our wild things! Almost every student brought in coins for donation. It was such a great fundraiser that brought our class together working toward a goal! We raised almost $200 in just preschool! We will be having an ice cream party on Thursday, December 13th!
  • We are looking for donations for Santa’s workshop!
    We need: Bows, Christmas ribbon, Small boxes for wrapping, Christmas stickers, And gift tags! Thank you in advance

Busy Week for the Wildthings!

This week in Preschool, we opened Santa’s Workshop! In this area, students are given many opportunities to strengthen their fine motor skills by cutting, peeling stickers, and using tape. Students are also able to practice writing in cards and gift tags. My favorite part of this area is that they are so excited to make “gifts” for others. They have been making gifts for one another and wrapping them up. I love watching them think about others!

Also this week, we learning about “Magic C.” They learned that the letter “C” can also make other letters such as “Q” and “O”. In class, we have been reading Snowmen at Night and have been working on an Art project that required them to follow step by step directions, practice ordinal and positional words, and practice writing:)

We had a ton of fun making melted snowmen in both Nature School and morning Preschool! Nature School even made bird feeders and beautiful ice ornaments!

Thanks for tuning in to this week's edition of the Wildthings' Adventures!

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