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Wildthings’ Adventures: Feb.11 – Feb.15

Building & Crossing Bridges!

Diana crossing the bridge. This has been an ongoing activity for weeks that has changed many times as they have experimented with different ways to build it.

The Lion & the Mouse

On Monday, we “read” the wordless book The Lion and the Mouse. Students took turns reading the pictures and making inferences. As a class we discussed how the lions act of kindness had a ripple affect. We then demonstrated that ripple affect in a group activity.

We added sand and water to our sensory table!

Math Manipulatives

Students played with math manipulatives, strengthening their concept of geometry and spatial reasoning.

100 Acts of Kindness Challenge

Today we introduced the students to our 100 acts of kindness challenge. Teachers and students are catching each other showing kindness then adding that kindness to the wall.

This has been another chapter of the Wildthings' Adventures!

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