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Wildthings’ Adventures: Jan.21 – Jan.25

Best Children's Books about Kindness

I thought I would share this list. I am hoping to build up our library with these books. We started the year with “the smallest girl, in the smallest grade” it makes me cry every time.

Ultimate List of the Best Children’s Books about Kindness

Look how well all 5 of them are sitting together playing!

We made baby carriers so that we could carry the babies gently!

Art Class

On this cold snowy day, Nature School went to Art class with Miss Pam. They got to try a new technique (painting with forks) to make a group art project. We were so excited to use our new cubbies today. The cubbies were made by a parent from another class they are pretty amazing! We had another great work time filled with cooperation, observation, and creativity.

Miscellaneous Wildthings' Adventures!

Hope you're staying warm while enjoying this latest chapter of the Wildthings' Adventures!

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