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Wildthings’ Adventures: Nov.5 – Nov.9

Wildthings' Adventures: Nov.5 - Nov.9

  • Complete and turn in the permission slips for Rosie Revere, Engineer at the Coronado Theatre as soon as possible!
  • Nature school students need snow pants, boots, gloves, hats etc for snow season!
  • Also, we are in need of pine cones: the rounder, the better. Thanks!

Monday 11/5/18

This morning, Emma brought in her penny box for our fundraiser. We counted her pennies and charted them. She had 600 pennies! Way to go Emma! We also introduced our new work time area “inventors spaces”. This new area goes with our theme this month of kids in math and science as we read Andrea Beaty books. We will be reading “Rosie Revere Engineer”, “Iggy Peck Architect”, and “Ada Twist Scientist”.

Mushroom Hunt

In Nature Preschool this week, we continued our Mushroom Hunt!

Thursday 11/8/18

So much happening in preschool this week. We started our Andrea Beaty series as we lead up to our field trip at the Coronado on Nov. 20th. Today we made Rosie copters and watched them fly, they had to stand on a chair because they are too short for the copter to fly ?. We have had a great response to our fundraiser. Thank you to Emma, Xander, Mariah, and Peregrine for their donations. Let’s get 100% participation!
As part of our fluency work we have been learning lots of poems and rhymes. This months rhyme “Funny Turkey” goes to the tune of Yankee Doodle and they have done fantastic on it!

Pennies for Patients

We are hoping to get 100% participation from preschool families! We would love it if the kids could look for pennies around the house or collect them from family and friends! Any amount helps and teaches our children the importance of giving. If every preschooler participates by collecting any amount of money we as a class will celebrate with ice cream sundaes on Thursday, December 6th! If each child in preschool were to raise $20, preschool would be able to donate $300!

Thanks for tuning in for this chapter of the Wildthings' Adventures!

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