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Bluejays’ Journal: Mar.4 – Mar.8

Happy March Everyone!

I suddenly realized I haven’t updated you all for a couple of weeks.

In math, our group A students have been working on multiplying fractions and finding area. We will continue to practice this for the next couple of weeks. Group B is working on adding fractions and finding common denominators. It is a true test of their multiplication facts to find those common denominators. We are still working on our Sundae Math quizzes. The students can share with you where they are but I can tell you we have one who has reached the x8sm, one at x6s several at x5s and the rest trailing at x4 or below. Please practice these facts with your students at home as it will make all the math moving forward much easier.

In science, we wrapped up Mammals with our mystery mammal game. The students did a good job identifying a mammal with 8-10 facts. We also took a quiz on the animal kingdom, chordate phylum using our notes. Most of them did pretty good (I sent these home if you would like to see how they did). From Monday until Spring Break we will be working on inventing an animal. Each student will need a shoe box for the diorama for their animal.

In social studies, we finished World War II. Most of them did okay on their World War II tests, which were open notes.

We have started working with poetry in both reading and language arts. The students are writing their own poems of various kinds as well as reading and responding to poems written by others. We have learned about figurative language of all kinds which makes our writing, especially poetry, much more interesting.

In addition to all these areas, they are still getting Chinese from Leighton as well as culture studies from Sabine and Maggie. Thank you to all three of these folks for their assistance.

Mystery Mammal!

We played a mystery mammal game this week. Each student was assigned an order of mammals and selected a mammal to research. They will come up with 8 to 20 facts about their mammal!

Angelic Organics

Outdoor education with Katie from Angelic Organics. We made a native Alaskan shelter and looked for evidence of animals. Oh, and we made a yummy energy snack!

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the Bluejays' Journal!

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