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Bluestems’ Dossier: Mar.4 – Mar.8

IQRA Collaboration

Our cultural exchange with IQRA School of Rockford continued last Friday, March 1st. This time the Spectrum students hosted. We collaborated with our visitors on an engineering challenge. Each group designed structures for maximum height and strength.

Chinese Calligraphy

Tracy Cannell introduced our class to Chinese calligraphy. We are looking forward to more practice when she returns next Wednesday.

Song-Writing Workshop

Our song writing workshop on Monday with artist in residence Amy Lowe was so fun. Please listen to the song we composed!

Exploring Clay with Ms. Pam!

Practicing Musical Instruments with Ms. Sue!

Making candy sushi with Keiko during Japanese!

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the Bluestems' Dossier!

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