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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers! Mar. 23 – Mar. 27

Thank you so much to Terry “Double T” Turen for the spotlight of our students!

Rockford Middle School class starts podcast to learn about their city!

Enjoy our latest ZNoodles podcast with local news anchor Whitney Martin!


Using technology with kids in new ways is a different kind of fun! Video conference while watching and practicing Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing!

Beautifully done pieces by Kat and Ava, respectively!

Some samples from Sabine's Maker's Space Google Classroom!

Welcome to small groups online and multiple modalities of communication in a single interaction!

Virtual Baking Hangout!

Screen shot from our baking hangout live…so cool! Take a look at the delicious end results from some of these students! Thinking about doing something like Dinners on Donnerstag where we make dinners together on Thursdays!

Thank you for your flexibility and commitment to your student's education!

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