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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future


Democratic Republic of Middle Schoolers: Sept. 23 – Sept. 27

Doing Pointillism to the soundtrack of Beowolf while doing our study of Anglo-Saxons!


Learning how to conjugate basic verbs in German. The endings change based on a singular or plural subject.

Classroom Presentations!

Two special above and beyond presentations!! Lucas shared with us about some awesome computer software editing classes and projects he’s created, while Kat and Ava shared their extra credit time line on the Anglo-Saxons!

Guest Author!

Having a wonderful morning working on our young authors stories with guest author Tracey Gemmell. We even got to watch some scenes from Shrek!

Science experiments: making a record play with only a few items like a needle and band-aid!


Starting the day with Geobee and some fun geography activities and puzzles. Nathan: “Can we play this again?!”

Fun Drama Games!

Some fun drama games to break apart the very demanding day of work. This was after a lecture in the Viking and Norman invasions of Britain! This game is called bus stop and the goal is to create a character to annoy the other. It’s silly and perfect for Middle Schoolers.

Friends of the Viking Ship!

An incredible day at the Friends of the Viking Ship in Geneva. This boat was the highlight of Colombian exposition in 1893 and sailed from Norway to Chicago without any navigational instruments. It took them only 28 days to make it across the Atlantic. We enjoyed getting to wear Viking costumes!

See you all at the Fall Festival!

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