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Preschool: Sept. 16 – Sept. 20

Our PTO has asked each classroom to create a basket to donate for the fall festival raffle. If you would be willing to help out, follow the link and click on the item you would like to donate.

Thanks for being the best parents ever!

Fall Festival Basket Raffle Donation Items

New Classroom Additions!

We LOVE our new doll house furniture! Thank you Ben, Megan, and family!

Also,  we’re in LOVE with our new Marble works! Thank you Caleb, Dylan and Ives family!

STEM Activity: How many apples can you stack on top? Anna stacked 23!

Cereal Stacking!

LOTS of fine motor skills practice that morning!

Nature...right in our backyard!

Building forts with branches, slug hunting, and attempting to make a “fire”!

Washing windows, or playing with blocks? Maybe both!

Preschoolers Preschoolin'!

That wraps up another week inside the Preschool classroom. See you next week!

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