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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Apr. 12 – Apr. 16

The Imagineers created their very own ice cream treat on Tuesday!

Flower picking, worm finding, butterfly chasing kind of Monday!

VIP Visitor!

LOOK WHO CAME TO CELEBRATE MISS DIANNE’S BIRTHDAY! DAPHNE DOODLE! Some of the Imagineers were a little bit skeptical by this little fire cracker… LOTS OF ENERGY!! But before long all was good…lots of kissing, petting and hugging!

Grouchy Ladybug Day!

If you noticed your Imagineer being a bit grouchy on Wednesday, the reason may be because it was GROUCHY LADYBUG DAY! We were joining his refrain “hey, you wanna fight?…aw your not big enough anyway” in our grouchiest voices, making our grouchiest faces! We also had a frustrating activity to overcome. We were trying to make PEEPS homes/nest using jelly beans and toothpicks…WELL the toothpicks could not poke into the jelly beans without a whole lot of muscle…well let’s just say it proved a more difficult/frustrating task then expected, yet I was surprised and impressed with the determination our Imagineers displayed. Each and every child’s perseverance was amazing! Their creations may not have turned out looking like what we expected, but everyone was very proud of what they did do!

Kids in the woods!

What’s your favorite weather?!

Experiment Friday!

We did a little experiment and tried to make play dough with ground flaxseed. Well, it didn’t quite turn out, but it did look and feel a lot like sand!

Little Cloud!

We have done some great work with Eric Carle’s CLOUD BOOK! We are using Science to find out how clouds are formed, and then we made some cloud playdough for fun! We are not finished with Clouds though…hopefully in the very near future when the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy, we will lay on our backs in the grass and watch the clouds roll by, using our imaginations to choose what forms they are taking!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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