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Explorers’ and Imagineers’ Highlights! Sept. 8 – Sept. 10

After some deliberation, we’ve all decided on names for the 2 Preschool cohorts! Ms. Shelley’s cohort will be the Explorers, and Ms. Dianne’s cohort will be the Imagineers! We look forward to guiding them and helping them live up to those names!!!

Ms. Shelley's Explorers exploring RIGHT away, indoors AND outdoors!

Three new students started; welcome Zayd, Jude and Max!
The fallen trees around the property have been wonderful obstacles to tackle. We also found our first worm of the year, and sang all of the versus to Mary Had a Little Lamb with the help of Johanna:)

Ms. Dianne's Imagineers take on Preschool!

Happy 5th Birthday, Zayd!

The Explorers were sent on a mission to collect pine cones to make a decoration for their classroom!

Music Class with Mrs. Puetz: It's Camping Time!

How does it sound/smell/feel outside after it rains?!

The Imagineers learning about our bodies, chorale reading of BROWN BEAR, BEAR, and experimenting with colors!

We hope you've enjoyed this tiny glimpse into your child's classroom! Same time, same place next week!

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