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Thinking, Creating, Reflecting: Impacting the Future

Gummi Bears’ Highlights! Apr. 19 – Apr. 23

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…all covering Spectrum School’s 1st Place Future Problem Solving Ceremony at Spectrum School! Best of luck at INTERNATIONALS!!!

TWO FIRST PLACE AWARDS at FPS! Spectrum moves on to the International Level of Competition this June! Way to go Demi, Brady, Lily, Jude, Calum, and Niamh!

Eye-catching blackout poetry!

Lily sharing her learning in Biomechanics with Miss Jacque's Early Elementary class!

An inspirational day, watching our Middle Schoolers share critical Math equations with the Brainstormers' class!

So appreciative of this team of young women breaking up the soil in our garden beds!

A fun cultural event at Rockford University!

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