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Gummi Bears’ Highlights! Feb. 22 – Feb. 26

Ancient Civilization Presentations!

Ancient Civilizations presentation prep is underway. We will be creating a live museum/show for our younger students to experience later this week!


We are learning table games to understand probability. Today, we started by coloring our tables!


Frankie and Jude talk with Spectrum-at-Home student Nolan about food in Spanish, and the girls are learning a popular song in Spanish!

Isaac and Novella experimenting with their new Newton Cradle!

Kaycee and Salem try Bal-A-Vis-X for the first time!

Some fun creations in Art on Thursday, including a new quote for the front office!

Pulley progress!

Playing with air pressure: Sam is adding pressure to get an egg out of a small opening!

Ancient Science Presentations!

Amazing work from Middle School, presenting ancient science to younger students. Magnetism, pulley systems, properties of light, buoyancy, properties of air,, and Roman aqueducts….I am so proud. They managed running Google Meet, becoming teachers in virtual environments!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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