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Letter from the Education Committee! Dec. 13, 2019

Spectrum Families and Friends,

The Education Committee is chaired by Claire Rotolo, a past Principal of Spectrum School, and consists of current Principal Mary Beth Cunat, educators, parents, board members, and any staff members who wish to contribute. Our goal is to support and advise the Principal, teachers, and staff of Spectrum, and to offer whatever assistance we can to facilitate both the day to day operations and the future evaluation and planning of Spectrum regarding educational matters.

Hopefully you will see us attending events, supporting fundraisers, and visiting classrooms so that we are able to have an ongoing sense of what is happening educationally in the school. We meet monthly to hear from the Principal and teachers about all the exciting things that happen on a daily basis at Spectrum and also to hear any concerns they may have. We also work with the staff as they consider how to continually refine and improve the educational program at Spectrum to give our students the most rewarding, enjoyable, and beneficial experience possible.

To that end, we have entered into discussions with NEW GENRE ART SPACE to collaborate on working with our teachers and students in media art and animation. We are pleased to support the staff in their exploration of Math instruction which they will be involved in from Jan through April with the goal of refining Spectrum’s Math curriculum. We applaud the accomplishments of students as they continue to develop their reading and writing skills in Readers and Writers Workshop. We have personally witnessed the excitement and joy of our young readers and their eagerness to share what they are reading with us!


Education Committee – Spectrum Progressive School of Rockford

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