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Letter from the Principal: Dec. 13, 2019

Spectrum Families and Friends,

I attended our band concert at Boylan High School this week and I was simply blown away by our students being part of such a talented ensemble. I felt so proud and happy that Spectrum children are taking advantage of the opportunity to learn and perform with band instruments. Thank you Sue Puetz for bringing band to Spectrum, and Mr. Nelson for providing the opportunity. Congratulations, band members! 

  • Beginning Band: Mady Jones (flute); Dexter Magers (percussion); Lorien Greenfield (clarinet); Milla Korneski (clarinet); Felix Davis (saxophone); Nathan Oliver (trombone); Lilah Rauh (trombone); Declan Scroggins (trumpet); Takumi Ueda (trumpet) 
  • Intermediate Band: Kaylee Geiselhart (clarinet); Brady Hearns (clarinet); Novella Sisson (clarinet); Calum Scroggins (trombone); Ben Eshleman (trumpet); Chase Russell (percussion)
  • Advanced Band: Nolan Lawson (trumpet); Yannik Slocum (trombone/baritone)

A few weeks ago, a parent shared with me how important to her Spectrum’s arts-integrated focus was. The arts are often the first thing to go when budgets are tight. We defy that trend. We offer Visual Arts, Music, and Band. We have makers, fine arts, and design opportunities through Compass and Interest Groups. Teachers are intentional in their planning to give students ways of representing their learning through projects that incorporate artistic challenges. Even Math and Science give students a chance to think visually. Music and Art are such an important part of the human learning experience. Thank you for all the ways you support the Arts as Spectrum parents!

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

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