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Letter from the Principal: Feb. 22, 2019

Dear Spectrum Families and Friends,

There was so much insight I was hearing about our amazingly successful Career Day this past Wednesday, I asked Aubrey Barnett for a summary to share with you, which you’ll find below!

Dr. Mary Beth Cunat

During Career Day, middle school students were lucky to hear from a wide variety of professionals. What was most remarkable was how each of our experts, despite never meeting ahead of time to plan, had the same two important ideas emerge from their presentations. Firstly, being good at any career means being a creative problem solver who looks at what is working and what needs to be improved. Whether approaching an emergency situation like how to get out of a during building when you have become disoriented, to how to meet the unique needs of a client in business, to being able to heal others through the use of specialized medicine – what was stated again and again for our young people to hear was that being someone who understood how to tackle challenges that are presented to you was vital to success. The second message was no man is an island – each and every career required team work and collaboration with others who sometimes may think differently than you. It was emphasized that what helps people succeed is objectivity, surrounding yourself with others who may disagree with you, and learning to understand what is really most valuable even if it is challenging at times.

Aubrey Barnett

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